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Contact Information

Homeless Education State Coordinator
Shannon Cranmore
(307) 777-3672

This resource center provides guidance, templates and sample documentation for local homeless liaisons and school district staff to utilize to meet the requirements under McKinney-Vento and to better serve the children and youths in transition within their schools districts. These templates and samples can be edited to meet the needs of each student, school, and/or district. If you have any questions or comments about these templates or samples, or if there is not a template or sample for something you need, please contact the State Coordinator above and she will be happy to assist you.

*Many of the documents in this section are available for public use on various organizations websites. Thank you to all of these organizations for allowing use of your documentation.

Sample Templates

Resource Materials

Distribution Materials

You can also order publication materials for your schools each year for FREE from NCHE.