Assessment Security

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The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has internal assessment monitors who conduct visits to schools during each testing window. The assessment monitors follow procedures developed to assure the security and confidentiality of state assessments and to determine that all testing personnel are adhering to proper procedures. Any school may be monitored during a test administration (ACCESS, ACT, WY-ALT, WY-TOPP, NAEP). 

Desktop Monitoring 

Desktop Monitoring will be conducted for all schools within the districts selected for Quality Assurance and Test Security Monitoring. This provides schools a way to collect and share their written procedures and training documentation with the WDE. Select schools will be contacted in October to provide all documentation for the Desktop Monitoring process. Schools will be asked to complete the Desktop Monitoring Template and submit the finalized document to their Wyoming Department of Education assessment monitor. 

On-Site Monitoring

Before a test window opens, select schools will be asked to submit their testing schedules to the WDE. During any day of testing, an assessment monitor may present themselves to the front office of the school during the school day. The assessment monitor will then ask to meet with the Principal and/or Building Coordinator. 

After meeting with the Principal and/or Building Coordinator, the monitor will proceed to the testing room, then quietly sit at the back of the room to observe the test administration. The assessment monitor will use the Quality Assurance Checklist for Secure Testing to record all observations. 

After the observation is complete, the assessment monitor will return all observations to the WDE. A copy of the checklist will be sent via email to the Principal and/or Building Coordinator to provide overall information on the observation or to suggest possible process improvements. If any irregularities are found, the WDE will work with the school to find a resolution.