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Provide cross agency collaboration and oversight for Early Learning projects within WDE, including work in early literacy and readiness standards, P-3rd alignment efforts. Work with State Advisory Council on Early Childhood,the Wyoming Early Childhood Partnership and Kids First, P-16 Council and serve as a member of the PTAC to support school district preschools, TANF Preschools and projects, provide oversight to TANF grant administrator, and community partnerships.


Attend meetings as required, provide reports on the status of early learning both to internal and external customer, provide oversight to inclusion, standards, assessments (IF-K), transitions, and to work across divisions within WDE that oversee early learning projects and initiatives. Provide professional development and contract with expertise to provide research to IF-K, Early Learning Guidelines Birth to 5, implement TANF Preschool grant program and provide leadership on early education.


Guidance and reports that promote early learning data reporting, research and policy recommendations to improve the readiness of kindergarten students and 3rd-grade assessment scores.