School Wellness Policies

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Contact Information

Nutrition Program Consultant
Rachel Weber
(307) 857-9256
Nutrition Program Consultant
Genevieve Sheets
(307) 630-5309

About the Program

Wyoming Schools play a vital role in creating a healthy environment for students to learn and grow. Schools provide nutritious meals and time for physical activity. Wyoming Schools also educate children about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

Research proves that good nutrition and physical activity contribute to improved academic performance, attendance rates, behavior and lifelong health and well-being.

Wellness Policy Requirements

Federal legislation requires school districts to implement a local wellness policy that must include:

    • Goals for nutrition education, physical activity and school-based activities to promote student wellness;
    • Nutritional guidelines for all foods available on the school campus and for school meals;
    • A plan for measuring implementation of the policy; and Involvement of parents, students, school administrators and members of the school board and the community.