Court Ordered or Medically Necessary Placement of Students (COMPS)

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Dustin Brown
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Wyoming Statute 21-13-315 authorizes the Court Ordered Placement of Students program. Wyoming Statute 21-13-336 authorizes the Medically Necessary Placement of Students. Chapter 14 are the rules and regulations pertaining to both Court Ordered and Medically Necessary Placed Students.

There are three (3) state agencies involved with Wyoming youth placed at a facility either court ordered or medically necessary: the Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS), the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE). These agencies have specific processes and laws each must abide by, and comply with, in the respective eligibility, qualification, and funding methods.

The general overview of each follows:
DFS is responsible for facility licensure, room and board;
WDH oversees medical issues such as Medicaid and verification of medically necessary;
The WDE is responsible for payments related to delivered education services at WDE approved facilities. The WDE works with other facilities that receive placed students but do not receive WDE funds, for example, the Wyoming Boys School, the Wyoming Girls School, and the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy.

For more information, please see the COMPS Guidance Manual. In addition, the ADM Reporting Responsibilities for students are outlined in the ADM Reporting Responsibility document.


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