The WDE offers conferences on a variety of topics throughout the year. Check this list frequently for updates.

Professional Development Opportunities

WAVES 2020-21

Web-based Academic Vision & Excellence Symposium

The WDE continues to be committed to improving the outcomes for all students and to ensuring a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) for all students with disabilities.  As a support to you in this work, we are excited to offer Web-based Academic Vision of Excellence Seminars (WAVES).  WAVES will include ongoing professional development throughout the 2020-21 school year e.g. conferences, webinars, seminars. WAVES is appropriate for Administrators, Directors, Related Service Providers, General and Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals.  As with our in-person WAVE conference, high quality training will be delivered by local and/or nationally accredited presenters.

November  registration

  • 12: Trauma-Informed Care, Elementary, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter
  • 12: Trauma-Informed Care, Secondary, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter
  •  13: Trauma-Informed Care, Pre-K, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter

December registration

  • 3: Woodcock/Johnson Review of General Administration Procedures – Dan Mayer
  • 10: Visual Impairment Eligibility Determination – Leslie Bechtel Vanorman

January registration

  • 14:  Overcoming a poor quality Tier 1 through effective implementation of HPL/EBPs.   – Tessie Bailey
  • 14:  Overview of Literacy for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities – VOS Staff
  • 15: Kindergarten Transition/Executive Functioning Skills – Deana Smith/Nikki Baldwin
  • 28: Mythbusters- Stephanie Weaver
  • 29: Goal Writing – Early Childhood – Tessie Bailey

February registration

  • 11:  Let’s get the right kids in Tier 2: Preventing over identification   – Tessie Bailey
  • 12: Neuroscience and the Brain with Early Reading – Becca Steinhoff
  • 25:  Dr. Robert Anda Keynote and Q&A – Behavior
  • 26:  Educational Need –  Erin Swilling

March registration

  • 11:  Avoiding Major Tier 3 Pitfalls: Keep it Simple!   – Tessie Bailey
  • 12:  Universal Design for the Inclusive Classroom   – Nikki Baldwin
  • 25: Overview of Literacy for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities – VOS Staff
  • 26: Mythbusters – Early Childhood – Stephanie Weaver

April registration

  • 15:  Educational Benefit
  • 16:  Child Find (PreK-12) – Jose Martin

Wyoming Instructional Network (past sessions/presenter information

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2020 Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference

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