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Contact Information

Special Education Programs Division Director
Margee Robertson
(307) 777-2870
Special Education Systems Administrator, Part B Data Manager
Susan Shipley
(307) 777-2925
Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Susan Shipley
(307) 777-2925
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Supervisor
Billie Wortham
(307) 274-1391
Vision Outreach Services Program Manager
Leslie Bechtel Van Orman
(307) 857-9267
Monitoring Supervisor
Sheila Thomalla
(307) 777-6468

The Wyoming Special Education Programs Division provides leadership and support for educators, parents, and students with disabilities receiving special education and related services throughout Wyoming schools, Child Development Centers, and communities. It is our goal to improve educational and functional outcomes for the students and families we serve. In addition, the Division has oversight responsibilities for the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for public schools and Child Development centers across the State.

WAVES 2020-21

Web-based Academic Vision & Excellence Symposium

The WDE continues to be committed to improving the outcomes for all students and to ensuring a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) for all students with disabilities.  As a support to you in this work, we are excited to offer Web-based Academic Vision of Excellence Seminars (WAVES).  WAVES will include ongoing professional development throughout the 2020-21 school year e.g. conferences, webinars, seminars. WAVES is appropriate for Administrators, Directors, Related Service Providers, General and Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals.  As with our in-person WAVE conference, high quality training will be delivered by local and/or nationally accredited presenters.

PTSB and STARS credits are available for both the live sessions, as well as the archived (or recorded) sessions for the school year. However, PTSB treats WAVES as one conference, meaning that participants will receive accumulative WAVES hours for the appropriate PTSB credit at the end of the school year. If you attend a live session, a link for PTSB or STARS credit is given at the end of the session. If the participants wish to watch the recording and view the materials, they should contact Jennifer Duncan at jennifer.duncan@wyo.gov or jennifer.duncan@wyo.gov for the evaluation link, and once they fill out the evaluation, she will add them to the list for credit.

For more information, contact Deana Smith at 307-777-5326 or deana.smith@wyo.gov.

*Dates and topics subject to change – watch for further information

April webinars:

May webinars:

(Click here for recordings and materials from all past WAVES sessions)


All IDEA requirements remain in full effect when educational opportunities are offered by the district to any student. Districts are expected to document their efforts to meet the requirements. Upcoming RDA events will be held virtually or can be rescheduled by contacting Margee Robertson at margee.robertson@wyo.gov.

Federally Required Data Collections

The WDE is federally required to provide the following reports to the public.

2019-20 District Report Cards

2018-19 District Report Cards

2017-18 District Report Cards

2016-17 Child Count and Educational Environment

2016-17 District Report Cards