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Foreign Language Consultant
Antoinette Hallam
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Native American Liaison
Rob Black
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Senate Enrolled Act 47 of the 2022 Wyoming Legislature created a Wyoming Seal of Biliteracy. The law required the Superintendent of Public Instruction to design and establish a Wyoming Seal of Biliteracy and an advanced distinction Wyoming Seal of Biliteracy for conferral by a school district to a graduating high school student who is proficient in both English and one or more world languages. “World language” as used in this law means any language other than English and includes American Sign Language, also known as ASL, classical languages, and Indigenous languages.

The Wyoming Seal of Biliteracy (WY-SoBL) is an award given by the Wyoming Department of Education in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in English and one or more additional languages by high school graduation. The WY-SoBL encourages students to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices.

A student must be a candidate for graduation before being considered to receive the State Seal of Biliteracy. WY Graduation Requirements: Successful completion of four years of English Language Arts; three years of mathematics; three years of science; and three years of social studies. In addition to completion of graduation requirements, a student must demonstrate proficiency in one of the approved English assessments and one or more of the approved world language assessments, found in the resources below.

With the approved assessments, students will demonstrate their proficiency in the four areas of communication: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

Public input was collected May 24 through June 2, 2022, and an advisory committee of language educators convened in early June 2022 to make recommendations to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Wyoming State Seal of Biliteracy Guidance

    • Seal of Biliteracy Certificates and Seal logos (PNG)Available as a resource for districts who choose to use certificates for ceremonies/celebrations. Certificates are fillable PDFs. Certificate format should not be edited or changed in any way. Seal logos (png) are also available in this resource folder for use on posters, locker celebrations, banners, etc.
    • Intent to Participate SurveyAnnually – due by December 30, 2023.
    • District Internal Application This document is intended for district internal use only for planning and recording purposes, to track student progress and completion for a H.S. Graduate to Receive the State Seal of Biliteracy or the State Seal of Biliteracy with Advanced Distinction.
    • WY-SoBL Order Form for Foil Sealsto be completed by the district at least 30 days before expected graduation.
    • WDE505 Collection:  This is collected twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring during the collection periods.
    • WDE950 Collection: Transcripts for Graduating Students during the collection window.
    • The official Seal of Biliteracy (national) website.
    • National Seal of Biliteracy on Twitter and Facebook.