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Wyoming Multi-Tiered System of Supports (Wyoming MTSS)


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Wyoming MTSS Infrastructure and Support Mechanisms diagram. Icon images representing the four areas of MTSS: Screening, Progress Monitoring, Multi-Level Prevention System, Data-Based Decision Making. A multi-tiered system of supports, or MTSS, is a framework that focuses on system-level change and continuous improvement across the classroom, school, and district to provide each student with opportunities to maximize academic achievement and develop skills for success. 

The Wyoming MTSS Center is a cross-division effort to support local Wyoming educators in developing the knowledge, skills, and infrastructure to effectively implement MTSS. The Center, in partnership with the MTSS Center at the American Institutes for Research, provides high-quality MTSS training, coaching, information, and resources. 

Watch “Wyoming MTSS: Supporting All Students” here.

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Components of MTSS:

  • Universal Screening is a systematic process that uses appropriate measures for identifying students who may be at risk for poor learning outcomes, including academic, behavioral, social, emotional, school completion, and college and career readiness outcomes. It’s also used to evaluate the effectiveness of core instruction.
  • Progress Monitoring is the use of reliable and valid measures to assess a student’s performance and to quantify a student’s rate of improvement or responsiveness to supplemental instruction and support. It’s also used to evaluate the effectiveness of supplemental instruction.
  • Data-based Decision Making occurs at all levels of MTSS implementation, from individual students to the district level. Teams use screening, diagnostic, progress monitoring, classroom assessment, and fidelity data to make decisions about instruction, movement within the multi-level prevention system, intensification of instruction and supports, and identification of students with disabilities (in accordance with state and local policies).
  • The Multi-Level Prevention System includes three tiers of intensity for instruction, intervention, and supports. Tier I includes high-quality, schoolwide academic, social, emotional and behavioral programming and supports designed to meet the needs of all students. At Tier II, schools provide small group, standardized academic interventions or targeted behavioral or mental health supports using validated intervention programs to support students identified as at-risk. Tier III includes intensive intervention for students not responding to Tier II through instruction and supports that are intensified and individualized based on student need.


Learn how schools have been using Wyoming MTSS! Hear their stories and lessons learned. Watch “Empowered by Data” and “It’s a Process”




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Trainings and Events (PTSB credit is available for attendees):

Upcoming Wyoming MTSS Center Events:

The Wyoming MTSS Center is hosting its annual Summit for the 2023-24 school year in Jackson, WY on May 3rd, 2024. Join us to hear speakers discuss topics related to MTSS to help you integrate your academic and behavioral content under one framework, including: early warning systems, bullying prevention, MTSS mindset and implementation tips, data-based individualization, and implementation stories from Wyoming educators. With 10 sessions to choose from, the 2024 Summit will provide a dynamic experience for educators with opportunities to learn from prominent researchers and practitioners, discover new ways of implementing MTSS, engage in stimulating conversations, and create new professional relationships. We are thrilled to feature Dr. Tessie Bailey as our keynote speaker to share tips for integrating and aligning work within MTSS. The Summit will take place from 9:30-4:30 at the Snow King Resort. Attendees will receive information on how to book a room. A complimentary lunch is provided, free SWAG will be given out, and registration is free! Space is limited so register today.

Want to dive into MTSS this school year? Sign up for the Wyoming MTSS Center’s trainings for the 2023-2024 school year here. Participants can choose to attend the training either in-person or virtually, but do not need to attend both.

MTSS Trainings and Event Videos:

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