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After reviewing the Distance Education Task Force Full Report, the 2016 Joint Education Interim Committee agreed to sponsor a bill, Senate File 35, which included all the recommendations contained in the report. Senate File 35 was passed by the Legislature during the 2017 legislative session and signed into law. The statutory changes are contained in Enrolled Act 57 effective July 1, 2017.

Virtual Education Legislation Senate File 35 / Enrolled Act 57

The Distance Education Task Force was formed by the Wyoming Legislature in 2015 with House Bill No. 0011 to make recommendations to the legislature on the following:

  • A review of the distance education programs currently providing courses
  • Programmatic requirements for the delivery of quality distance education
  • Compliance with statewide education standards
  • Professional certification requirements for distance education instructors
  • Transparency in the accounting and administration of distance education programs
  • Compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

The intention of the task force was to review the current challenges in distance education and to explore the possibilities of how to best afford increased access to quality learning opportunities to every Wyoming learner.

Distance Education Task Force Full Report

The 2016 Joint Education Interim Committee reviewed the task force’s full report. The study included an examination of programmatic and funding modifications as recommended by the task force.

Monthly Progress Reports

Task Force Members

  • Brent Bacon, WDE Chief Academic Officer
  • Sen. Stephan Pappas of Cheyenne
  • Rep. John Freeman of Green River
  • Mike O’Donnell, Special Assistant to the Wyoming Attorney General
  • Aaron Carr, Niobrara School District #1 Superintendent
  • Shon Hocker, Bighorn County School District #2 Superintendent
  • RJ Kost, Curriculum Coordinator in Park County School District #1
  • Brian Farmer, Wyoming School Boards Association Executive Director
  • London Jenks, Tech. Coordinator, Hot Springs County School Dist. #1
  • Scott Mecca, teacher in Albany County School District #1
  • Julia Cook, parent in Park County School District #6
  • Denise Miller, Instructional Facilitator, Natrona County School Dist. #1
  • David Picard, lobbyist for Wyoming Connections Academy
  • Nicole Tiley, Wyoming Virtual Academy Head of School