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Wyoming’s 2023-28 Digital Learning Plan

In keeping with the requirements of W.S. 21-2-202(a)(xx), the 2023-2028 Digital Learning Plan (DLP) goal is to provide equal access to educational instruction and information to every student in the state. A representative Digital Learning Plan Advisory Panel was convened to guide development of the plan which is organized around six themes that were identified through stakeholder input. For each theme, the plan includes a definition, strategic intents, and recommended strategies for addressing the intents at the state, postsecondary, district, and school levels. The strategies are suggestions, not mandates.

For its part, the WDE will carry out the state strategies identified in the plan and support districts and schools as they implement plans to support teaching and learning in the digital age. In addition, the WDE will meet quarterly with the Digital Learning Plan Advisory Panel to review progress and work on the implementation of initiatives.

Wyoming 2023-2028 DLP Executive Summary

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