Dual & Concurrent Enrollment

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About the Program

Wyoming’s Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program provides an excellent opportunity for all Wyoming high school students to earn college credit while they are still in high school. These college classes for eligible students are free of charge. More information is located on the Wyoming Community College Commission’s website. Below are links to selected PDFs that provide an outline of the program.

  • The Manual of Procedures covers the history and legal requirements of the program; it is the guidance document for compliance with the legal pieces of dual and concurrent enrollment programs, i.e., the PEOP law, adopted legislation and Consensus Group recommendations on the “minimum education standards.” It’s intended to be a comprehensive guide and resource for folks who “have boots on the ground”, and to help keep the common framework in place that the Consensus Group worked so hard to develop.
  • The Student Handbook includes information for high school students and parents who are interested in the program.
  • The College Counselor and Advisor Handbook is written to inform those at the high schools and colleges about the program and how students can be helped if they choose to be part of the program.