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For students receiving or planning to receive the Hathaway Scholarship, below are some helpful links. If you have questions about your scholarship, be sure and contact the college you plan to attend or are attending directly. The college Hathaway coordinators contact information list is below.

Information About the Hathaway Scholarship

Maintaining and Regaining the Hathaway While in College

You will have four years from the time you graduate from high school to initiate your Hathaway Scholarship. Once you have initiated your Hathaway Scholarship, regardless of the scholarship level, you will need to maintain eligibility by doing the following three things:

  • Maintain the appropriate GPA for your scholarship level:
    • Performance and Honors: 2.50*
    • Opportunity: 2.25
    • Provisional Opportunity: 2.25
  • Maintain Continuous Enrollment (CE)
    • A student must enroll in school every fall and spring semester once he/she has initiated the Hathaway Scholarship. If he/she fails to enroll one of these semesters, eligibility will be lost until the student enrolls and attends two consecutive semesters.
    • A summer term may not be used to regain continuous enrollment.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
    • A student must enroll and complete at least six non-remedial credits if attending part-time or 12 non-remedial credits if attending full-time each semester. A student who fails to do this will lose eligibility
      until he/she completes the appropriate number of non-remedial hours to make up for hours not completed
      during the previous semester(s). In one academic year, a student must satisfactorily complete at least
      12 non-remedial credits if attending part-time or 24 non-remedial credits if attending full-time.

Please note: Hathaway Scholarship money will not fund semesters spent regaining eligibility.

* A student who drops below a 2.50 but has at least a 2.25 may receive the Opportunity scholarship level until a GPA of at least 2.50 is achieved. Once a student reaches the appropriate GPA, he/she is eligible to regain the Hathaway Scholarship.