Adding Courses to the Success Curriculum

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Steps to Course Submission

First, submit the Statement of  Assurance to Next, watch this short video that details the steps required to submit new courses.

Course Information

  • New courses must have a course description and the Wyoming Standards being met in the course. New courses without this information will not be accepted.

Submit WDE638

  1. Add new courses to the WDE 638
  2. Turn the Hathaway Indicator on
  3. Resubmit the WDE638 to the WDE

Check Access


Approved Courses

After courses have been approved by the WDE, click “Update” and click “Certify”.

Rejected Courses

If there are courses that have been rejected by the WDE, those courses must have the Hathaway indicator removed from the WDE638, then resubmitted.


Cannot Certify:

  • Use the “Agrees w/638” filter
  • Type “no” under “Is equal to”
  • Double check SCED code and course name so they match the 638