The Wyoming Integrated Statewide Education (WISE) Data System was created as a result of 2003 state legislation.  The Wyoming Integrated Education (WISE) Data System unit supports the development, data quality, security, and management of student and staff data. The WISE Data System has created an infrastructure which allows for timely student and staff level data stored in local Wyoming school districts’ data management systems to be easily pushed up to the Agency. The maintenance of the infrastructure continues to support the ability to have timely and accurate data to make informed decisions ultimately affecting student achievement and program evaluation.  The WISE Data System includes: connecting applications to other applications within each district and access to the state data collection infrastructure (State Report Manager – SRM) and (Data Collection Suite – DCS),the statewide student and staff unique ID system (State Registration System – SRS), WY-Fi a dashboard providing student level data to teachers and administrators, the data dictionary (Data Specs), the Wyoming Transcript Center (WTC), expansion and development of Access 4 Learning (A4L) functionality, a data warehouse, and the Wyoming education data reporting portal.