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Contact Information

Data Collection and Reporting Supervisor
Susan Williams
(307) 777-6252

The Wyoming Integrated Statewide Education (WISE) Data System was created as a result of 2003 state legislation.  The Wyoming Integrated Education (WISE) Data System supports the development, data quality, security, and management of student and staff data. The WISE Data System has created an infrastructure which supports the ability to have timely and accurate data to make informed decisions ultimately affecting student achievement and program evaluation.  

Student Locator Information

Wyoming Specific Student Locator Information

Here are some Wyoming specific instructions for the Kimono Student Locator

New Year Rollover for Locator

  1. First complete the New Year Rollover / End of Year process for your SIS, and then complete whatever steps are necessary for your SIS vendor’s SIF Agent. Contact your SIS vendor if you haven’t done this yet or need help.
  2. Next go to https://help.kimonocloud.com
  3. Log in with your Kimono ZIS / Platform username and password (this is NOT the same as your Student Locator credentials, sorry)
  4. At the front page, near the bottom, click on “Student Locator New Year Rollover”
  5. In the page that appears, click on “Student Locator (SLF) – Wyoming Hosted”
  6. Follow those instructions

To Get Other Help About Locator

Make sure you’ve already completed the New Year Rollover for Locator process and that the problem relates to something else.

  1. Go to https://help.kimonocloud.com
  2. Log in with your Kimono ZIS / Platform username and password (this is NOT the same as your Student Locator credentials, sorry)
  3. At the front page, near the bottom select the menu “I need help with…” and then “Pearson Student Locator”
  4. You’ll see any available articles, and below the list a yellow button that says “Create a case”
  5. If there are articles, check to see if one addresses your issue
  6. If the articles don’t help, click the “Create a case” button
  7. Give your case a meaningful name and put in any notes you want
  8. A Kimono technician will address your case. Cases are addressed in the order received and August is extremely busy.

PowerSchool SIF Configuration

With the addition of Canvas and the new state-level portal, PowerSchool SIF configuration in particular has become more complex. A PowerSchool district might now have up to three SIF zones defined in the PowerSchool SIF Agent, pointing to two different Zone Integration Server URLs and with varying SIF version and mapping requirements. This isn’t a problem because PowerSchool’s SIF Agent is very flexible and can accommodate these requirements in a variety of ways.

SIF Settings

Kimono Guide for PowerSchool SIF settings for Wyoming

WISER Registration System

The WISER Registration System, which is a key component of the overall WISE Data System, assigns and maintains WISER ID numbers for students and staff in Wyoming schools. A WISER ID is a single, non-duplicated number that is assigned to, and remains with, a student throughout their educational career – including Wyoming post-secondary schools.

WISER Registration System

Educators and school staff in Wyoming also have WISER IDs to enable submission of staffing data to the WDE as well as access to the statewide Learning Management System. An individual who is both a student and an educator will only have one WISER ID.

WISER Registration System Guidebook


Q: What is a WISER ID?

A WISER ID is a single, non-duplicated number that is permanently assigned to a student or staff member throughout their education or teaching career. WISER IDs connect data across districts and years.

Q: Who must have a WISER ID?

  • Every K-12 student enrolled in a Wyoming public school
  • Students who are not attending a public school and opt to participate in Wyoming state assessments (WY-TOPP or ACT)
  • Wyoming public school employees
  • Post-secondary users of the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Pre-kindergarten students attending Preschool Development Centers

Q: What is the purpose of the WISER Registration System?

The WISER Registration System’s purpose is to assign unique identification numbers for reporting and authentication to statewide systems, such as the Canvas LMS. It is not used to track student or staff movement across the state.

Q: What data elements are required?

WISER ID registration requires the registrant’s First and Last Name, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Date of Birth, and the assigned code for their organization. Optional elements may include: Middle Name, Suffix, Local ID, Former Last Name, WISER ID, Email Address, Job Title.  SSN is required for employees, but not for students. 

Q: Who is responsible for assigning and maintaining WISER IDs?

Organizations identified as having a need for WISER IDs must assign a designated WISER ID Administrator. Administrators are responsible for retrieving WISER IDs, along with storing them within their Student Information System and other student and staff management systems. The WDE will provide maintenance and support for the WISER system. Any questions or problems regarding assigning or maintaining WISER IDs should be submitted to the WDE.

Q: What do we need to do if we have a student or staff member whose name has been changed legally?

Users should request an ID (using one of the methods below) as soon as they are informed of a needed name change. Please make sure to populate the field “FormerLast Name”. A web application to manually look up, edit and retrieve single IDs will be released at a later time.

Q: What are the available methods for retrieving IDs?

  • Batch Upload (Available to all WISER ID Administrators).
  • Student Locator (Available to school districts and accredited institutions with Student Information Systems).
  • Manual entry will be available at a later date.

Q: What do we do if a person has two middle names?

A person’s name should be entered exactly as it appears on the person’s birth certificate.  If the person has two middle names on the birth certificate, they both should be entered in the Middle Name field.

Q: What should we do in the event of any sort of WISER ID conflict?

If a duplicate or conflicting WISER ID is encountered, please notify the WDE. Each situation will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. There is a contact page within the WISER ID Registration System with WDE contact information.

Q: What do we do if we have twins who need WISER ID numbers?

WISER IDs for twins should be requested normally. Please provide as much information as possible when requesting the IDs, including Middle Name.

WISER Contact Information:
For staff IDs: Donal Mattimoe,777-6391 or donal.mattimoe@wyo.gov 
For student IDs: Brian Wuerth, 777-6748 or brian.wuerth@wyo.gov
For questions about the WISER ID Registration System project: Susan Williams, 307-777-6252 or susan.williams@wyo.gov

WISER Batch Upload File Layout

One of the methods for retrieving IDs is the spreadsheet batch upload process. The file layout is posted below in excel and pdf formats.  To access the upload wizard, click on the WISER logo on the right.

Legal Name Entry

The WDE has a best practice guide for entering legal names into the WISER Registration System and other data collections.  Full legal names are required to be used to obtain WISER IDs and on WDE data collections.