Professional Development

The WDE offers a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year. As this list changes frequently, we provide updates through email.

The WDE also provides conferences throughout the year. Information is available on the  conferences page.

TeachUNITED Leveraging Blended Learning Fast Track

The Wyoming Department of Education is sponsoring a professional development opportunity for Wyoming educators focused on remote teaching and learning strategies. 

The TeachUNITED Leveraging Blended Learning Fast Track for Wyoming includes a two-hour webinar that will cover immediate tools teachers need for a blended or remote school year environment. An online micro-course to be completed in October or November will follow, and will reinforce implementation of the initial tools and introduce additional strategies. Registrants will have a choice of dates and times for the two-hour webinar and online course. 

The five-hour online coursework to be offered and completed in October or November will be primarily asynchronous and self-paced to ensure compatibility with teacher schedules. 

The Leveraging Blended Learning Fast Track registration is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and the seven-hour training meets the requirements for a Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board approved virtual education workshop. 

For more information, contact Lori Thilmany, Virtual Education Consultant, at 307-777-7418 or

TeachUNITED 2020-21 Coaching Program

Wyoming school districts are invited to participate in a grant-funded professional development (PD) opportunity for teachers. The focus of the program is to support high-quality instructional design during the online/face-to-face uncertainties schools are facing, with the intent to lift the PD burden from districts. The TeachUNITED program training will qualify as an approved virtual education PD workshop for the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB). 

To learn more about the PD programs available for personalized and blended learning, complete this short form.

TeachUNITED 2020-21 Coaching Program

  • Includes: One year instructional coaching, online and blended PD courses, workshops / webinars, PLC frameworks to sustain the work. 
  • Topics:
    • Personalized and Blended Learning.
    • Student Engagement.
    • Data-Driven Design.
    • Growth Mindset.
  • COVID-19 Strategies: Transitioning Between In-Person & Remote Instruction (if needed).
  • Cost: $4,800 per school team of three-five (TeachUNITED covers the rest of the cost with grant and philanthropy funds).  

The entire program can be delivered virtually, or a hybrid of virtual and in-person. For more information, visit School Accelerator and School Solutions.

Professional Development Plan Example

Implementing Best Practices in Personalized & Blended Learning

  • Kick-Off Event/Webinar
      • Introduction to Personalized & Blended Learning/Strategies.
  • Coaching/Consulting for site-based teachers and/or instructional coach
      • Live/synchronous work sessions occur about every two-three weeks, depending on participant request and availability.
      • Participants: Teachers and/or Instructional Coaches.
  • Quarterly Workshops/Webinars
      • Applying Personalized Learning Strategies, Data-Driven Design, Student Engagement.
      • Participants: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, and/or School Leadership Team.
  • Online Courses and Resources for Personalized Learning Design
    • About 15-30 hours, asynchronous.
    • Participants: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, and/or School Leadership Team.

For more information, contact Lori Thilmany, Virtual Education Program Manager, at 307-777-7418 or or Laurel Ballard, Supervisor, Student and Teacher Resources Supervisor, at 307-777-8715 or

Quality Matters

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) invites K-12 teachers to participate in Quality Matters training to learn how to develop, evaluate, and teach quality online content. Educators can select from a variety of ongoing online learning opportunities found at the links below. The WDE also invites administrators to contact Lori Thilmany at to schedule in-person Quality Matters workshops. The online and face-to-face Quality Matters training is free to educators and school districts.

Project Echo

Project ECHO® is a lifelong learning and guided practice model that exponentially increases workforce capacity to provide the application of best practices. The heart of the ECHO model is its hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing networks, led by expert teams who use multi-point videoconferencing to conduct learning sessions about evidence-based practices in education, health, and disability services. With this method, educators, healthcare providers, special service providers, case managers, administrators, and families have access to expert advice right in their homes, schools, and offices.

UW ECHO Networks provide ongoing support for educators, healthcare providers, and families in a rural state where specialized knowledge is not always locally available. By removing these barriers to specialized knowledge, outcomes for students, patients, and families are improved.

Open Educational Resources Course

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide equal access to resources at no cost to educators or students. This training provides information and tools to help understand, engage with, and sustain OER.

Access the OER Course here.

Wyoming Digital Learning Guidelines

The Wyoming Digital Learning Guidelines are part of the statewide Digital Learning Plan (DLP) to support the use of education technology in the classroom. The Guidelines were written in response to educators’ requests from across the state and are based on the ISTE Standards for Students.  To support educators in implementing the Guidelines in the classroom, the Wyoming Department of Education offers a free, online course for K-12 educators. Visit the Wyoming Digital Learning Guidelines web page for additional information and to register for the course.

WAVES 2020-21

Web-based Academic Vision & Excellence Symposium

The WDE continues to be committed to improving the outcomes for all students and to ensuring a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) for all students with disabilities.  As a support to you in this work, we are excited to offer Web-based Academic Vision of Excellence Seminars (WAVES).  WAVES will include ongoing professional development throughout the 2020-21 school year e.g. conferences, webinars, seminars. WAVES is appropriate for Administrators, Directors, Related Service Providers, General and Special Education Teachers, and Paraprofessionals.  As with our in-person WAVE conference, high quality training will be delivered by local and/or nationally accredited presenters.

For more information, contact Deana Smith at 307-777-5326 or

*Dates and topics subject to change – watch for further information.

November  registration

  • 12: Trauma-Informed Care, Elementary, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter
  • 12: Trauma-Informed Care, Secondary, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter
  •  13: Trauma-Informed Care, Pre-K, Delivered by Clark Fairbanks & Wendy Gaunter

December registration

  • 3: Woodcock/Johnson Review of General Administration Procedures – Dan Mayer
  • 10: Visual Impairment Eligibility Determination – Leslie Bechtel Vanorman

January registration

  • 14:  Overcoming a poor quality Tier 1 through effective implementation of HPL/EBPs.   – Tessie Bailey
  • 14:  Overview of Literacy for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities – VOS Staff
  • 15: Kindergarten Transition/Executive Functioning Skills – Deana Smith/Nikki Baldwin
  • 28: Mythbusters- Stephanie Weaver
  • 29: Goal Writing – Early Childhood – Tessie Bailey

February registration

  • 11:  Let’s get the right kids in Tier 2: Preventing over identification   – Tessie Bailey
  • 12: Neuroscience and the Brain with Early Reading – Becca Steinhoff
  • 25:  Dr. Robert Anda Keynote and Q&A – Behavior
  • 26:  Educational Need –  Erin Swilling

March registration

  • 11:  Avoiding Major Tier 3 Pitfalls: Keep it Simple!   – Tessie Bailey
  • 12:  Universal Design for the Inclusive Classroom   – Nikki Baldwin
  • 25: Overview of Literacy for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities – VOS Staff
  • 26: Mythbusters – Early Childhood – Stephanie Weaver

April registration

  • 15:  Educational Benefit
  • 16:  Child Find (PreK-12) – Jose Martin

Wyoming Instructional Network (past sessions/presenter information)

SCRIPT Training

Through a grant provided by Microsoft Philanthropies, the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) will offer school districts computer science planning training called Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT). SCRIPT training provides districts with strategic planning tools to think through the various aspects needed to provide equitable, high-quality computer science education available to all students in their district. 

The training will occur over a year, starting with a virtual two-day SCRIPT workshop, split between two weeks. During the workshops, school district or charter school teams will be led through a series of self-assessment and goal-setting activities to develop a computer science education vision and roadmap on how to get there. The goal of the workshop is for district teams to build or expand upon their computer science education implementation plans. Three months after the initial training, WDE staff will virtually visit participating school districts to discuss plan implementation progress and provide support. Six months after the initial training, districts will come together as a group to report their successes, challenges, and update/revise plans to better achieve goals. After one year, districts will come back together virtually to plan for the second year of moving toward full implementation of computer science in all grades. 

The WDE will offer two virtual cohorts:

  • Cohort 1 – October 13 and 20, 2020, April 20, 2021, and October 12, 2021
  • Cohort 2 – October 14 and 21, 2020, April 21, 2021, and October 13, 2021

Districts are required to apply to attend. 

Solution Tree K-3 Literacy Statewide Workshop 

May 11-12, 2021

This two-day training will focus on developing a deep understanding of grades K-3 ELA literacy practices and effective instructional strategies. Participants will understand methods for leveraging collaborative practices to support effective literacy instruction. 

Presenter Kathryn E. Sheridan is the director of early literacy and language for Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. She has served as a classroom teacher, preK – 8th Grade instructional coach, middle school assistant principal and elementary principal preceding her current role. Katie’s work centers on supporting diverse learners through engaging educators in professional learning about language and culture, curriculum design, and the implementation of standards-aligned instruction and assessment practices.

In addition, Katie is one of the co-authors of the literacy series Reading and Writing Instruction for Second- and Third-Grade Classrooms in a PLC at Work® which details the collaborative process and best practices in literacy instruction to ensure all students are engaged, proficient readers and writers. This book draws on research and practical knowledge from her experience leading districts through the process of unwrapping and prioritizing standards, developing learning progressions, constructing rubrics, and designing both formative and summative assessments. 

Location: Virtual
Registration Fee: N/A
October Training: Register here
May Training: Register here

Assessment Literacy Training with Jan K. Hoegh

Phase I and II of the Wyoming Department of Education Assessment Literacy Training provides an in-depth overview of how to ensure a high-quality standards-based learning environment. Attend this two-day training to become knowledgeable about how to prioritize standards, develop proficiency scales, and what constitutes high-quality classroom assessment practices. 

Jan K. Hoegh, author and associate for Marzano Resources and facilitator of the training, promises to provide practical advice, real-world examples, and answers to frequently asked questions about standards-based learning.

Dates: November 5-6, 2020 (Virtual); April 20-21 (Location: TBD)

Registration fee: N/A
November Training: Register here
April Training: Register here

Solution Tree PLC at Work Leadership Statewide Workshop with Tim Brown

March 8-9, 2021

This training will focus on how administrators and school leaders support PLC at Work systems. Participants will review tight vs. loose leadership and identify key areas where these concepts are critical to enhancing PLC at Work practices in their schools. 

Presenter Tim Brown has 30 years of experience in education. As principal of elementary, middle, and high schools in Missouri, he led each to become a successful professional learning community. These PLCs feature highly collaborative environments where clear goals, formative assessment, analyzing data, practicing differentiated instruction, and providing interventions and enrichment have resulted in increased student achievement.

Location: Virtual
Registration Fee: N/A
October Training: Register here
March Training: Register here

Solution Tree RTI at Work Statewide Workshop with Brandon Jones

March 18-19, 2021

An RTI at Work associate will deliver these customized workshops with a focus on how to create and lead a tiered system of support by examining the four essential elements of a successful RTI at Work model: collective responsibility, concentrated instruction, convergent assessment, and certain access. 

Presenter Brandon Jones, a high school principal and consultant, works with educators of all grade levels to develop and enhance teacher leadership, build sustainable collaborative teams, and produce effective systems for a tiered approach to RTI using the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ and RTI at Work™ processes.

Location: Virtual
Registration Fee: N/A
October Training: Register here
March Training: Register here

Sanford Inspire

Looking for an easy way to get professional development? Sanford Inspire provides on-demand, research-based, interactive video modules for free with the stated goal of “An inspirational teacher in every classroom!” 

There are two inspirational pathways: Building Teaching Practices or Developing Social-Emotional Learning Capacity, with 73 modules in total. The modules range from the basics, like setting up classroom rules for new teachers, to advanced topics such as supporting students through trauma. Each module is 30 to 60 minutes long and provides a certificate of completion, as well as resources for classroom implementation. There are monthly webinars that focus on current events and can be accessed live or viewed at the participant’s convenience. 

Go here to to make a free account and start learning today.

WDE offers professional development and support opportunities for educators to learn about teaching students who are English Learners.