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State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Megan Degenfelder and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) have launched the Curriculum Transparency page as outlined in the 2023-2027 WDE Strategic Plan

Anyone can use this online resource to quickly access their district’s primary resources such as textbooks and understand their alignment to Wyoming K-12 State Standards. The ability to quickly understand what textbook is being used for what grade and subject will empower parents to make informed decisions and inquiries about their children’s education. The initiative was a collaboration between the WDE and school districts that worked to identify a user-friendly method to provide access to this critical information. 

Districts wanting to participate will find the blank template in the folder below. For assistance, contact

Wyoming Standards Grade Level Documents & Blank District Template

Links by School District

Big Horn County #2

Lincoln County #1 – right hand side – LSCD1 Resource Transparency. 

Natrona County #1

Park County #6

Park County #1 – lower right hand side – Curriculum Transparency Pilot.

Sheridan County #1

Sheridan County #2 – half way down – SCSD2 & WYCPS Curriculum Transparency Draft.

Sweetwater County #2