2015 Teacher of the Year, Tyler Bartlett

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CHEYENNE – On September 25th, Superintendent Cindy Hill announced Tyler Bartlett of Newcastle as the 2015 Wyoming Teacher of the Year award winner.

Mr. Bartlett is a math teacher at Newcastle Middle School and has been teaching for six years. “From way back when I was young I knew I wanted to be a teacher,” Bartlett said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

“There’s a lot that goes into being a successful teacher. Sometimes we focus too much on teaching and not enough on learning. I think that the real bottom line is that students have to be learning,” Bartlett said.

When asked what advice he would give to a new teacher, he answered, “The biggest focus in my class is getting the students involved, getting them active, getting them engaged in their own learning. So for any new teacher starting out, if they’re looking for something to focus on, I’d focus on engaging your students.”

“I feel really fortunate to get this award. I definitely feel like it has more to do with the people I work with than with just me. I think I’m very blessed to work with the people I do and that’s the reason this award came to be,” Bartlett said.

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