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Contact Information

Virtual Education Consultant
Lori Thilmany
(307) 777-7418


Virtual Education Rules and Distance Learning Guidance

Wyoming school districts with approved programs provide virtual education opportunities to K-12 students in our state. School districts determine what type of programming they want to provide (e.g., full-time, part-time, statewide, within district, etc.) and develop or purchase online curriculum. More information about virtual education programming is located on the Virtual 307 website.

Virtual Education Enrolled Act 57 in 2017 included several statutory changes regarding the K-12 distance learning programs in Wyoming. The changes were implemented through the formation of a Virtual Education Advisory Committee, revisions to the Chapter 41 Virtual Education Rules, and program policy updates. The basis for the statutory changes in 2017 came from the recommendations of the 2015 Distance Education Task Force.

Virtual Education Advisory Committee

During the 2017 legislative session, the Legislature passed Senate File 35/Enrolled Act 57, which made significant revisions and additions to Wyoming’s virtual education system. A critical component of the statutory changes included the formation of the Virtual Education Advisory Committee (VEAC). The VEAC is tasked with recommending modifications to rules, policies, practices and procedures, and to serve in an advisory capacity to school districts to improve the delivery of virtual education courses across the state. School districts are encouraged to submit virtual education program concerns for the VEAC to consider through the Statement of Concern form provided on the Policy page of Virtual 307 website.

Virtual Education Advisory Committee Meetings

The VEAC meets the second Wednesday of every other month depending on Committee work load via WDE-Zoom. Contact Lori Thilmany to join the next meeting.

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Past Meetings

Virtual Education Advisory Committee

  • Zeta Anderson, Virtual Education Parent
  • Nish Goicolea, Professional Teaching Standards Board
  • Jamie Christensen, Sweetwater County School District #2
  • Laurie Davis, Campbell County School District #1
  • Christopher Dresang, Natrona County School District #1
  • John Freeman, Representative Sweetwater County
  • Joseph Heywood, Wyoming Virtual Academy
  • Pete Kilbride, Sheridan County School District #1
  • R.J. Kost, Senator Big Horn and Park Counties
  • Angelique Littlejohn, Niobrara County School District #1
  • Richard Parker, Big Horn County School District #1
  • Shannon Siebert, Wyoming Connections Academy
  • Tanya Sisernos, Natrona County School District #1
  • Katie Swistowicz, Fremont County School District #21 Former Technology Administrator