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Title I 1003(a) and Grants Management Consultant
Les Koch
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Transition Plan: 2016-17 Requirements of Title I Improvement

As part of Wyoming’s transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Wyoming Department of Education will not be calculating Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) during the 2016-17 transition year. Schools and districts identified as being in improvement under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) will remain in their current improvement status next year.

The existing NCLB improvement interventions will continue to be implemented for one more year with two exceptions:

  1. Schools and districts are not required to provide public school choice, Supplemental Educational Services (SES), or the related notice to parents beginning with the 2016- 2017 school year. To ensure an orderly transition to the ESSA, Wyoming is developing and implementing a oneyear transition plan to ensure districts provide alternative supports for students eligible for SES and schools with the greatest need.
  2. Schools identified as being in Year 4 Planning for Restructuring will not progress to Year 5 Implementation of Restructuring. The Year 4 restructuring plans are no longer required to be approved this year at the state level by the WDE and then the Wyoming State Board of Education. Instead, the restructuring interventions selected and planned for will be included in the relevant sections of the Wyoming School Comprehensive Plan next year for review and feedback by WDE staff.

Guidance under NCLB

An LEA or school that does make AYP for two consecutive years must be identified for improvement. Please see the following resources to assist identified LEAs and schools in completing all requirements upon identification.

United States Department of Education Guidance

Adequate Yearly Progress

District in Improvement Status: Guidance

Schools in Improvement Status: Guidance

District Fiscal Information

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

District and School Improvement Monitoring Protocol