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Science Consultant
Bobbi Eichhorst
(307) 777-8753

Science Content & Performance Standards Documents

2016 Wyoming Science Content & 2021 Performance Standards + PLDs
This document contains the Science Content and Performance Standards plus all PLDs. These standards are the basis for the WY-TOPP Assessment.

  • 2016 Science Standards Vertical Alignment
    This reference provides a vertical alignment organizing structure of the Science Standards integrated with potential cross-curricular and Wyoming-specific connections.
  • 2016 Science Appendices A-K
    This reference provides the three dimensions of science learning model, the ISTE Standards, cross-curricular connections, DCI/SEP/CCC progressions, understandings about the Nature of Science, performance expectations that incorporate Engineering Practices, and the Wyoming Science Standards Glossary of Terms.

Wyoming Extended Standards
The Extended Standards are adapted from the Content and Performance Standards and are designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. These standards are the basis for the WY-ALT Assessment.


Grade-Specific Science Standards

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