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National School Lunch Program, National School Breakfast Program, After School Care Program for questions. Here is the link

There is a webinar every second Tuesday of the month from 9-10 a.m. 

Please contact Rachel Weber to get the calendar invite sent to you.

(WDE-150) Civil Rights Training for Child Nutrition Programs at  Wyoming Nutrition.

Child and Adult Care Food Program for Centers

In person training; contact to enroll. Here is the link.

Here is a list of the courses available once you go to the Wyoming Nutrition Training Site.

  • (WDE 555) Food Safety Essentials (1 hour)
  • (WDE 110) CACFP Annual Sponsor Training 
  • (WDE-150) Civil Rights Training for Child Nutrition Programs 
  • (WDE-181) Procurement for CACFP Operators
  • (WDE-501) Enhancing Meal Appeal For CACFP – Feeding Their Senses!
  • (WDE-502) Nutrition Basics for Better CACFP Menu Planning
  • (WDE 503) Getting Everyone on the Same Plate: Teaching Teachers About the Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • (WDE – 504) Build It Once; Serve It Time and Time Again: Using Cycle Menus and Standardized Recipes
  • (WDE-512) Navigating Special Dietary Needs
  • (WDE-514) Family Style Meal Service – Building Better, Healthier, Menus and Eating Habits
  • (WDE-516) Healthy Food Preparation Techniques and CACFP Menu Planning
  • (WDE-517) CACFP Snacks: The Planned Leftover Way
  • (WDE-603) A CACFP Meal Pattern Guide
  • (WDE-605) Crediting Foods in the CACFP 
  • (WDE-606) The CACFP Infant Meal Pattern 
  • (WDE-610) Maintaining a Nonprofit Food Service Program

Summer Food Service Program

Online training at Wyoming Nutrition 

(WDE-150) Civil Rights Training for Child Nutrition Programs

(WDE 100) Planning and Administering the SFSP

This course is a full overview of the SFSP Program as well as all the regulations and procedures.  This training is for new and returning staff.   You can start and stop this training and come back to the area where you left off.  The entire training does not need to be taken at one time. 

(WDE 170) Summer Food Service Program Annual Refresher Training  

This course is designed for experienced and successful returning SFSP sensors.  This is an overview of the essential regulations and procedures.  

School Food Distribution Program

Log into CNP:

Click on the yellow button: Food Distribution Program.

Click on Agencies along the top blue bar.

Click on Download Forms. All FDP training can be accessed here. 

Department of Defense Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Contact Roxann Greenlee for information on the DoD FFVP. 

Link to the FFAVORS website.

USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant

Log into CNP:

Click on the blue button: School Nutrition Programs. 

Click on Applications along the top blue bar.

Click on Download Forms. Scroll down to Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. All USDA FFVP training can be accessed here.