Extended Standards

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Director of Standards & Assessment
Laurie Hernandez
(307) 777-3469
Supervisor of Standards
Barb Marquer
(307) 777-5506

The Extended Wyoming Content and Performance Standards define the essential knowledge and skills that allow students with the most significant cognitive disabilities to achieve high academic expectations and to access the general academic curriculum. The Extended Standards are linked to the grade-level Wyoming Content and Performance Standards. The Extended Standards provide a common set of goals and expectations for all students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in Wyoming. They also provide a consistent framework for challenging instruction to promote access to the general education curriculum.

The foundation of the Extended Standards provides a framework for instruction of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities and to assist school districts, schools, and communities in developing and strengthening curriculum, rather than prescribing courses, materials, or instructional methodology. The Extended Standards specify the essential learning all students with significant cognitive disabilities must master. Teachers ensure that students achieve mastery by using a wide range of instructional strategies, assistive technology, and other accommodations based on a student’s individual learning characteristics and present levels of performance.