Title IV-A

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Contact Information

Title IV-A Program Manager
Mary Bravo
(307) 777-8739

Title IV, Part A is a newly enacted grant for 2017-2018, known as the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grant. Title IV-A is a flexible block grant that authorizes activities in three broad areas:

  • Providing students with a well-rounded education;
  • Supporting safe and healthy students; and
  • Supporting the effective use of technology.

Funding for this grant is based on the Title I funding formula. Districts that receive an allocation of $30,000 or greater must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment and are required to allocate at least 20% of the grant funds toward a well-rounded education, at least 20% toward supporting safe and healthy students, and a portion of funds to support the effective use of technology. If a district receives less than $30,000 in funding a comprehensive needs assessment is not required and there is not a required set-aside percentage for well-rounded and safe and healthy students, however a district must spend money on activities in at least one of the three categories. All districts are limited to using no more than 15% of the technology portion for the purchase of technology infrastructure such as devices, equipment, software and digital content.

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