School Improvement Planning

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Data Analysis and School Improvement Planning

Representative Assistance

A provision of Wyoming statute W.S. 21-2-204(h)(vii) is representative assistance with improvement planning, leader evaluation, resource allocation, and implementation of the district assessment system. Chapter 6 rules Sec.5 (b)(iii) defines the representative as the district superintendent or his/her designee.  

School Improvement Planning Process

The WDE is working with ED Direction to develop a Wyoming-specific process for district representatives to use as they provide assistance to school leadership teams with improvement planning. Implementation of this process should positively impact school performance and will ensure that the requirements of state and federal statute related to school improvement are met. 

This process will be piloted during the 2021-22 school year and implemented statewide during the 2022-23 school year. This will include district input into the process and training for district representatives provided by ED Direction. This approach should increase district representative capacity related to school improvement planning and plan implementation. Districts who want additional support (e.g., needs analysis, instructional coaching) for specific schools may contract with ED Direction or an external provider of their choice.

School Improvement Plans

Schools identified as Partially Meeting or Not Meeting Expectations through the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act or Comprehensive or Targeted Support and Improvement through the Every Student Succeeds Act must complete an improvement plan. These plans are posted on the district or school web page. Districts annually provide a link to their school improvement plans through the November 1 accreditation evidence. A list of the school improvement plan requirements is available here.