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Wyoming Believing in Literacy Together

Contact Information

WDE Literacy Supervisor/K-3 Literacy/District Literacy Plans/K-12 LETRS Training
Kimberly Lane
(307) 777-5761
WY BILT-CLSD Project Coordinator/Early Literacy Support Early Learning Specialist/TANF Grant Administrator/Preschool LETRS Training
Amy Reyes
(307) 777-7708
WYBILT CLSD Program Director, Professional Development and School Support/State Literacy Plan
Katy Brock-Worman
(307) 683-7167
WY BILT-CLSD Program Manager, Grant Manager and Technical Assistant
Gay Wilson
(307) 777-3360
WY-BILT CLSD Project Manager/Literacy Team Administrative Assistant
Denise Fertig
(307) 777-5761

Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant-WY BILT initiative

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) proposes to use Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) grant resources to improve literacy outcomes for all Wyoming students and close opportunity and achievement gaps for historically underserved student groups.

CLSD resources will support the Wyoming Believing in Literacy Together (WY BILT) initiative and be used to:

    1. develop a comprehensive state literacy plan;
    2.  install and implement a tiered system of literacy support;
    3. provide sub grants to high-need local education agencies (LEAs). The tiered system of  literacy support will provide foundational evidence-based literacy training to all LEAs and early childhood education (ECE) providers. 

The goals of WY BILT include: 

  • Increasing the percentages of educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement evidence-based literacy practices.
  • Having children entering kindergarten ready to read.
  • Having students reading proficiently by the end of grades 3 and 5.
  • Having graduates with the literacy skills necessary for college and careers.


  • Districts receiving sub grants will be determined through an application process, but districts in Wyoming’s 25 federally identified Opportunity Zones will be prioritized. Funding for early childhood centers as a partner with the local school district is required under this grant.
  • To receive WY BILT funding, LEAs must apply for funding. Funding for early childhood centers as a partner with the local school district is required under this grant. Each application will be evaluated by two external reviewers based on identified need as well as the potential grantee’s ability to provide a written comprehensive literacy plan that includes specific measurable goals and strategies to improve literacy outcomes within the community.