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Contact Information

Literacy Team Supervisor
Kimberly Lane
(307) 777-7673
Early Learning Specialist
Amy Reyes
(307) 777-7708
CLSD Project Manager
Denise Fertig
(307) 777-5761
CLSD Program Manager
Dr. Claudia Ladd
(307) 777-3360
CLSD Program Manager
Kylie Corpening
(307) 777-3440





The goal of the grant initiative is to improve literacy outcomes for all Wyoming students and close opportunity and achievement gaps for historically underserved student groups.  Districts receiving the WY BILT grant use the funds to support PreK-12th grade evidence based literacy programs, training, and materials as well as provide reading specialists in the district.   

The WDE supports literacy across the state through the WY BILT grant in a number of ways:

  • Embracing Literacy Conference – Annual conference for anyone interested in learning more about how to support students’ literacy development in grades PreK through 12.  
  • Conferences and networking opportunities to learn about specific topics as requested by the districts and to learn from each other across the state.
  • Direct district support and professional development for staff as requested by the districts.
  • Provide a well curated collection of tools and resources to help districts plan the literacy work in their district. 

The Literacy Team provided literacy support to WY BILT recipients through two conference series convenings: Literacy Leaders Coaching Conference and Regional Networking Conferences.  2023-2024 convenings are in development. 

Literacy Leaders Coaching Collaborative

2022-2023 pilot year -The Literacy Leaders Coaching Conference series has been a combination of in person events and monthly virtual meetings.  This series was designed to support the self-efficacy of teachers, introduce ways of coaching individual teachers, and provide vocabulary and differentiation strategies.  

The 2023 -2024 school year will see the WDE continue to support Literacy Leaders including coaches, facilitators, curriculum directors, principals, and other district leaders.  As we build support for literacy leaders to network and learn from each other, we felt a name change to Literacy Leaders Coaching Collaborative is in order. Events are still in development so things may change.  However, these are the events we are working on so hold the dates! (see also Professional Development on the main WDE Literacy page:)

  • Literacy Leaders Book Study: The WDE is partnering with the University of Wyoming to do a multi month book study on school improvement.  This will be open to grant and non grant districts.  Details will be available by the end of August.  Contact Kim Lane with questions and watch the WDE Monthly and social media for updates.
  • Literacy Leaders Coaching Conference: PD and Networking, November 1 and 2nd in Casper.  We will be sending out information soon.
  • Curriculum Review Guidelines (morning) and K-3 Literacy in the Classroom (afternoon) presented by The Reading League. This will be open to all district administrators and leaders. November 3, 2023 in Casper.  Watch for details and registration information to come. 

Regional Networking

This conference series was designed to meet the needs of administrators through networking opportunities and professional development. Each conference was designed to meet the most commonly identified needs. Networking sessions have included  early screening, early literacies, elementary curriculum, secondary interventions, family literacy, collaborating with community members/groups, and identifying the roles and responsibilities of literacy coaches. Professional development topics have included family engagement, secondary reading/writing strategies, progress monitoring, and disciplinary literacies.

  • We are building these events for the 2023-2024 school year.  Watch for details. 

Contact Kim Lane at kim.lane@wyo.gov, 307-777-7673 for more information.

Office hours for WY BILT grant support:
Every Wednesday 1:00-2:00.  Google link to join.
Contact Denise Fertig at denise.fertig@wyo.gov, 307-777-5761 if you have technical issues.