Statewide System of Support

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Education Consultant
Jennifer LaHiff
(307) 777-7322

As part of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA), support is provided to help Wyoming schools increase student and school performance. This includes support for all schools through statewide professional development and district accreditation. It also includes school improvement planning and additional support for schools partially meeting and not meeting expectations through WAEA. In addition, support is required in federal statute for schools designated as Comprehensive School Improvement (CSI) and Targeted School Improvement (TSI). The WDE has developed an integrated approach that meets both state and federal requirements through these supports for school improvement:

1. School Improvement Planning

Support will be provided through district representatives using a state-developed planning process (under development) for schools with plan requirements. Representatives will help school leadership teams review accountability data, review leadership, assessment, and resource allocation, and determine school-level interventions to improve performance. Representatives will monitor plan implementation.

Additional Support for Identified Schools

A screening protocol, described in the SSoS Guidebook, is used to determine schools with the greatest needs (Tier 3 schools).  Additional district support is available for Tier 3 schools through ED Direction, a WDE approved school improvement organization, at the district expense. This includes a comprehensive needs assessment and school-specific support focused on:

  • Leadership
  • Instruction
  • Collaboration
  • School Culture

For more information on school improvement planning, click here.

2. SSoS Professional Development

Professional development is provided for all schools. Tier 3 schools are required to participate in professional development.  The professional development provided is listed below:

3. Accreditation

Evidence-based practices aligned to the accreditation criteria should positively impact school performance if they are well-implemented and sustained.