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Wyoming’s K-12 schools and districts are accredited by the Wyoming State Board of Education annually.  The requirements for accreditation in Wyoming are:

Annual Requirements

Self-Reporting and Assurances

  • District superintendents verify that the district and all schools within the district meet the requirements of Wyoming statute, rules and regulations.

Electronic Documents

  • District superintendents share links to documents that verify adherence to statute, rules and regulations.

Internal Verification

  • WDE accreditation staff verify district adherence to state and federal statute, rules and regulations through internal checks with WDE program managers.

Five Year State External Review

District Assessment System Review

  • District leaders explain the assessment system used to monitor student learning of the Wyoming Content and Performance standards in all content areas.

District Effective Practices Review

  • District leaders explain the district priorities and processes, and level of implementation for the first fifteen accreditation criteria. District leaders may include the other ten criteria.

Classroom Observations

  • External teams observe the instructional core: teacher, content and student engagement.

External Review Options

Regional Accreditation

  • Districts that are regionally accredited are exempt from the effective practices review and classroom observation components of the state external review.

Third Party Evaluation

  • Districts that elect to use another WDE approved third party evaluation of the district system are exempt from the effective practices review and classroom observation components of the state external review.

Accreditation Criteria

The accreditation criteria are detailed in Chapter 6 rules and regulations, and summarized in the list below:

  1. District Board
  2. District Leadership
  3. School Leadership
  4. Stakeholder Communication and Input
  5. Employment and Certification
  6. Professional Development
  7. State Assessment and Accountability
  8. School Improvement and Support
  9. Programs, Standards, and Curriculum
  10. District Assessment System
  11. Instructional Methods
  12. Learning Supports
  13. At-Risk and Dropout Prevention
  14. School Culture, Climate, and Safety
  15. Student Activities
  16. High School Graduation
  17. Technology and Media
  18. Virtual Education
  19. Buildings and Facilities
  20. Student Health
  21. Calendars and Schedules
  22. Transportation
  23. Food Services
  24. Finance and Data
  25. Student Information Management