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The Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) establishes performance ratings for all public schools. It identifies schools on a range of performance, from those at the highest levels (Exceeding Expectations) to those that are underperforming (Not Meeting Expectations).

SSOS Model

In 2018-2019, the WDE will refine the identification of appropriate levels of support and intervention for each school (tiers of support) by adopting a comprehensive screening protocol.  The WDE will implement an adaptive posture of intervention wherein the agency can take an increasingly active support role with districts and schools demonstrating the most intense and persistent needs.

The SSOS Model designates pillars of support, based on current literature around the elements of effective schools.  The five pillars of the Wyoming SSOS are:

  1. Cultivating exceptional leadership
  2. Improving teaching and learning
  3. Developing a high-performance culture
  4. Establishing effective structures & processes
  5. Engaging families and the community

Programs and technical assistance will be offered at all levels (Tier I, Tier II and Tier III).  For those schools with the most intense support needs, the department will collaborate with school leadership teams to identify specific needs.  All programming will be aligned to assist school improvement within the areas defined by the five pillars of support.

Tiers of Support

The SSOS Model is a three-tiered system that categorizes schools based on the level of support needed for school improvement.  Tier I reflects schools with low-level support needs.  Tier I programming and resources are offered to all schools statewide. Tier II reflects schools with increased or moderate-level support needs.  Tier II programming includes more targeted services (such as the WDE Data Analysis and School Improvement Plan Development Training), and is generally provided for groups of identified schools.  Tier III reflects schools with high-level support needs.  Tier III programming is differentiated for individual schools based on an analysis of available data from across the WDE and within the school.

Programs and Resources of the Statewide System of Support

Historically, the WDE’s Statewide System of Support has operated four core programs targeted to different schools across tiers of need.

  • Assessment Literacy and Formative Assessment Resource Development
  • Data Retreats including Root Cause Analysis and School Improvement Plan Development
  • Professional Learning Community Process Understanding and Implementation
  • District and School Leadership Topic Presentation and Networking

The WDE SSOS Team will continue to offer these successful programs and make them broadly available.  Priority access and support will be given to schools in Tier II and Tier III.  A summary of current SSOS programs can be found here.

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