Standards Review

Review & Revision of Wyoming Content/Performance Standards (2008-2013)

In its “Pathways to 2014″ document, the State Board of Education outlined a vision of how the state standards might be strengthened, and how increased implementation of the standards could improve education in Wyoming as we move into the 21st century. To act on this vision, the WDE is currently engaged in review and revision of the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards, which will be completed in 2013. The process includes involvement from a broad group of Wyoming citizens, including teachers, administrators, Wyoming Community Colleges, the University of Wyoming, and the wider Wyoming community.
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Standards Review Documents

Common Core Standards Crosswalk

The Wyoming Department of Education developed the crosswalk documents below for grades K-8 and high school. The knowledge and skills defined in the 2008 Wyoming Content and Performance Standards and the PAWS Assessment Descriptors were compared with the knowledge and skills specified in the Common Core English Language Arts and Math Standards. These documents are intended to help districts transition to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Language Arts Crosswalks

Math Introduction and Chart

Math Detailed Crosswalk

McREL GAP Analysis