Health & Safety

Contact Information

Traffic Safety & Pupil Transportation Program Manager
David Koskelowski
(307) 777-6984
Accreditation Consultant
Bruce Hayes
(307) 777-6198

School Climate and Related Areas

The Wyoming Department of Education is committed to student safety and health. The programs we sponsor and support are grounded in education and knowledge, because the more students know about potentially harmful subjects, the better they can prepare to face them. Our goal is to keep parents and students informed. For questions or more information about our School Climate programs, please contact Bruce Hayes.

Traffic Safety & Transportation

These programs teach driver education and traffic safety in K-12 schools. Each school district decides which programs they will offer and what curriculum will be used.  Each program submits a request for an approved program to the WDE. Approved programs meet the requirements of Chapter 39. A listing of approved programs is available through the WYDOT website. For questions or more information about our Traffic Safety and Transporation programs, please contact Dave Koskelowski.