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In Wyoming, Homeschooling is defined by State Statute 21-4-101(a)(v):  “A home-based educational program means a program of educational instruction provided to a child by the child’s parent or legal guardian or by a person designated by the parent or legal guardian. An instructional program provided to more than one (1) family unit does not constitute a home-based educational program.”

A home-based educational program must meet the requirements of a Basic Academic Educational Program, which is defined in State Statute 21-4-101(a)(vi) as a program providing a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in seven subjects: reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature, and science.

Home-based educational programs must meet these requirements:

  • Provide a letter of intent or complete the district homeschool registration form
  • Submit curriculum to the local district each year
    • Provide a summary of your curriculum to your local school district office
    • The curriculum must include Reading, Writing, Literature, Math, Science, History, and Civics
  • Failure to submit the curriculum is evidence that the home-based educational program does not meet the requirements.