Early Childhood Readiness

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Chief Academic Officer
Shelley Hamel
(307) 777-2058
Early Learning Specialist
Amy Reyes
(307) 777-7708

Early Learning is a critical component of a child’s education. Research has linked early intervention with both cognitive and socio-emotional gains since the early 20th century, and clearly shows that children enrolled in a form of early learning programs benefit by receiving an education before kindergarten.

Studies show that children enrolled in these programs showcase the following benefits:

  • Better behavioral patterns
  • Higher IQ scores when enrolling in kindergarten
  • Faster learning
  • Higher socio-economic outcomes later in life
  • Between 1.3% to 3.5% higher income over the course of their careers

Likewise, studies show that children that are behind when they enter kindergarten tend to remain behind for their entire educational career, and even beyond. These gaps in achievement are difficult and expensive to close with K-12 education alone, and the improved earnings show that early intervention is an intelligent investment.

Early Childhood Community Collaborative Grant

A new grant was created during the 2019 Legislative Session. This grant is available to districts and non-profits that provide early childhood education. Currently, the grant is defined by Emergency Rules within Chapter 46 of the Education section of Wyoming’s Administrative Rules. Districts and nonprofits that provide early childhood education can apply for the grant immediately, and the WDE seeks public comment on the proposed final version of Chapter 46.

Applying for the Grant

Applicable organizations can apply for the grant immediately using the form below. Grant applications are due October 1, 2019, and awardees will be notified by November 1, 2019.

Proposed Rules

Chapter 46 is new, and while the grant currently functions under Emergency Rules, it is in the process of being finalized. The chapter can be found below, accompanied by a Strike/Underlined version compares the Emergency Rules and the Proposed Rules. In addition, a statement of reason is also available.

Public Comment

The WDE seeks public comment on Chapter 46’s Proposed Rules. The comment window is open until October 6, 2019. All public comments will be recorded verbatim, including the submitter’s name and city of residence.

Public comment can also be mailed to:

Wyoming Department of Education
Attn: Amy Reyes
122 West 25th Street, Suite E200
Cheyenne, WY 82002