Digital Learning Plan

Wyoming’s Digital Learning Plan (DLP)

The Digital Learning Plan (as described in Wyoming Statute 21-2-202 (a)(xx)) was developed to better provide equal access to education through technology. Wyoming has emerged as a leader in statewide broadband connectivity which has improved internet access in classrooms. The next step is to aid educators in fully utilizing the resources now available. This five-year strategic plan was released on October 3, 2016, and implementation began in 2017.

Technology shortfalls limit equal access to a quality education for some Wyoming students, especially those in rural districts. A comprehensive tech plan for education can help change this. The Wyoming Department of Education recently conducted a Listening Tour (a series of public meetings where we heard directly from you), Surveys and Focus Groups to gather information from educators, students, parents, business leaders, and other community members about their education technology ideas, needs, and hopes.

What is the Digital Learning Plan (DLP)?

The DLP is a five year education technology plan designed to enhance student access to digital learning opportunities.

Who is responsible for the DLP implementation?

By statute, the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is responsible for the development and implementation of the plan, in cooperation with other stakeholders and state agencies. The WDE has formed an Advisory Panel to guide this effort.

Why did the WDE conduct listening sessions, surveys and focus groups?

The WDE employed a broad and then more detailed approach to identify a wide variety of stakeholder needs and ideas.

How has the WDE used the information from stakeholders?

The DLP Advisory Panel made decisions and developed components of the plan based on the analysis of all the information gathered from stakeholders. The listening tour sessions provided a theme of eight areas of digital learning to address in the plan. The district surveys and focus group items were written based on the listening tour themes to gather more detailed information about how the needs could be adequately identified and addressed.

Who will benefit from the Digital Learning Plan (DLP)?

In short; everyone. Students, educators, boards of trustees, libraries, the community college system, the University of Wyoming, and individuals from both the public and private sector will all benefit from education technology access and network connectivity in and between schools, communities, and between the state and the world.

What are the next steps?

The plan is being drafted and revised through September 2016. With public comment collected in August, the plan is being finalized before submission to legislators in October of 2016.

How do I stay involved?

The WDE will post the plan by October 1, 2016 at Sign up at your listening session to receive the latest information.