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Randall Butt
(307) 777-5329
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Jeannie Coulson
(307) 777-6808

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The Carl D. Perkins Career Technical Education Act of 2006 is a federal act designed to develop more fully the academic and career technical skills of secondary education students and post-secondary education students who elect to enroll in career technical education programs.


National Association for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE)

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  • Carl D. Perkins IV State Reports
    • Secondary Schools and Students 2015-2016
    • Post-Secondary Schools and Students 2015-2016
    • Secondary Schools and Students 2016-2017
    • Post-Secondary Schools and Students 2016-2017
    • Secondary Schools and Students 2017-2018 COMING SOON!!
    • Post-Secondary Schools and Students 2017-2018 COMING SOON!!

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  • 2016-2017 Wyoming CTE Fact Sheet
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