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A Tough Week for Coal and Oil

Dear Superintendents,

It’s with a heavy heart that we see communities in Campbell County hit hard by changes in the coal and oil industry. Here are links to comments from Senator Enzi and an article that includes comments from Governor Mead’s press conference yesterday.

There are few, if any, words of optimism in light of this devastating news–our hearts break for the families and communities affected. I reaffirm my commitment to Wyoming education and stand strong in the belief that these times must strengthen, not weaken, our commitment to students. Education is the key to economic diversity, innovation, and our future. Every district is having difficult conversations about cuts right now–don’t forget to celebrate and build on all of the good things that are happening in the schools and in our state.

UW Enzi STEM Bldg-Senator Enzi visits with WDE's Brent Bacon, Rob Bryant, and Brent Young
UW Enzi STEM Bldg-Senator Enzi visits with WDE’s Brent Bacon, Rob Bryant, and Brent Young

April is Financial Literacy month!  On Tuesday, the first ever AmeriTowne-WyoTowne was opened with 5th grader and mayor, Camden Jackson, cutting the ribbon. This is a hands-on opportunity for students to run a town for a day. Wyoming is the second state to build an AmeriTowne, Colorado has several.  5th graders in Casper will begin running the town in a couple of weeks. The vision of the Daniels Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, Natrona County School District, and other partners is to see WyoTowne be available for many, many more students across the state.  Here is an article about the grand opening and a link to more information about AmeriTowne.

Ribbon Cutting at Young AmeriTowne-WyoTowne
Ribbon Cutting at Young AmeriTowne-WyoTowne
The AmeriTowne experience is the foundation for financial literacy
The AmeriTowne experience is the foundation for financial literacy

Other Updates:

The Chapter 31 rules were unanimously approved for promulgation by the State Board yesterday. The rules are the result of a year+ collaboration with school districts. Thank you for your work in helping us hit the mark on graduation requirements that help ensure comparability, excellence, and local flexibility.

Also, a team from WDE will travel to Washington, DC next week to work on ESSA implementation. I will spend a full day working as part of an ESSA work group with other state chiefs. I am also participating on a national panel to discuss Title II priorities. Thank you to the multiple school leaders who provided feedback to me this week as I prepared for the panel. We are anxious to share additional information and resources with you in the coming weeks.

Memos to be released on Monday, April 4: