08-28-2023 Annual Accreditation Evidence and Assurances 

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) Chapter 6 Rules and Regulations define the process for District and School Accreditation. The process includes an accreditation report with evidence and assurances aligned to accreditation criteria. That evidence is used by the WDE to verify adherence to Chapter 6. 

Districts are required to submit an annual accreditation report by November 1, 2023. This submission will include an annual evidence sheet, assurances, and where applicable, School Improvement Plans. Assurances and attachments will be collected using an online JotForm. An updated annual report template and JotForm link will be emailed to superintendents directly.

Based on the review of submitted evidence, a district’s accreditation recommendation is reported to the State Board of Education for approval. This review includes a District Assessment System Plan, and where applicable, a School Improvement Plan. Resources on School Improvement Plans can be found here. 

For more information, contact Chelsie Oaks, Accreditation and Support Supervisor, at 307-777-8676 or chelsie.oaks@wyo.gov. 

For more information about school improvement plans, contact Beth Lougee, Statewide System of Support Program Manager, at 307-777-7322 or beth.lougee@wyo.gov.