09-11-2023 Wyoming Schools Required to Educate Students on U.S. and Wyoming Constitution Day

The Wyoming Department of Education reminds educators that instruction in the Wyoming and U.S. constitutions is required under federal and state law. P.L.108-447 mandates all educational institutions receiving federal funds must hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on Constitution Day, September 17. If the day falls on a weekend or holiday, it should be observed the previous or following week.

Additionally, Wyoming Statute 21-9-102 requires instruction in state and federal Constitutions and that students satisfactorily pass an examination on the principles of both to receive a high school diploma. Wyoming’s Social Studies Content and Performance Standards also require study of both constitutions. 

Each year, school districts must attest to the WDE that this constitution instruction has occurred as one of the accreditation assurances.

Ideas to augment instruction and recognize Constitution Day:

  • Access the Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement program’s K-12 Curriculum Virtual Library.
  • Join the We the People state competition for high school students and initiate local elementary grade competitions.
  • Collaborate with state legislators and local or county officials to visit your school.
  • Hold a Constitution Bee.
  • Invite local judges to speak about the Constitution and Rule of Law.
  • Create an essay or poster contest around specific themes in the Constitution.

For more information, contact Rob Black, Social Studies Consultant, at 307-777-3747 or rob.black1@wyo.gov