08-28-2023 WY-TOPP Fall Assessment Window

WY-TOPP Interims (optional)
The WY-TOPP Fall Interim window will open Monday, September 12 through Friday, October 6, 2023. Optional Interims include ELA and mathematics assessments for students in grades 1-10, and science for students in grades 4, 8, and 10. These assessments represent an optional, mini-summative opportunity for districts to gather a baseline set of data to inform curricular decisions for the coming school year. To ensure all educators are prepared to administer these assessments, review the following testing documents:

Beginning with fall 2023 administration, interim assessments will be fully secure, making it vital that districts choosing to participate in the Fall and Winter Interim administration windows conduct assessment security training and gather signed Wyoming Assessment Security Agreements for K-12 Statewide Assessments. For more information refer to Wyoming’s Assessment Security Guide

WY-TOPP Modulars (optional)
The WY-TOPP Modular Assessment window will open Monday, September 12, 2023 through Friday, June 14, 2024. The optional on-demand WY-TOPP Modulars include ELA and mathematics in grades 1-11, and science in grades 3-12. These assessments are semi-secure and can be used as classroom assessments, however should not be shared with an entire class for instruction. 

Authoring Tool (optional)
The Authoring Tool is available for educators who wish to build assessment items on the same platform as the statewide assessments. Refer to the Authoring User Guide for how to create district, building, or classroom assessments in the tool.

For more information, contact Becca Velikaneye, Assessment Supervisor, at 307-777-6804 or rebecca.velikaneye@wyo.gov.