08-14-23 Learn About Wyoming Government at the Judicial Learning Center

The Judicial Learning Center (JLC) is located within the Wyoming Supreme Court building. Tours of the JLC and the Wyoming Supreme Court building offer a broad view of Wyoming’s Judicial Branch, and students may also have the opportunity to meet with one of the Wyoming Supreme Court justices. Tours of the Supreme Court building can be scheduled in conjunction with tours of the State Capitol building and the Wyoming State Museum. 

The Wyoming Judicial Branch also offers a JLC webpage with educational resources, including a remote JLC experience with supplementary lesson plans. 

For more information about scheduling a tour of the JLC and in-person learning sessions with a justice, contact Matt Swift, State Law Librarian, at 307-777-8564 or mswift@courts.state.wy.us.     

The Wyoming Judicial Branch has recently updated the You Be The Judge Program, which consists of community-based learning sessions that are constructive for all ages, including adults. This free and interactive program is designed to teach citizens about the mission and responsibilities of the Wyoming Judicial Branch, share how the branch functions, educate about how judges are selected, and instruct on how the rule of law is applied. 

For more information on scheduling a You Be The Judge program in your community, contact Cierra Hipszky, at 307-777-3391 or elaina.zempel@wyo.gov.