07-31-2023 Confidential School Performance Results To Be Released

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) will confidentially release the 2022-23 state and federal accountability results to school districts on Thursday, August 10, 2023. Districts will be given until Wednesday, August 23, to review the reports. District Superintendents are asked to verify online that they have received and reviewed the data.

District personnel should take this opportunity to review their school performance results for accuracy. While data sets that were provided to the WDE by the district or obtained from providers and contractors cannot be changed at this time, questions about indicators and accountability calculations are welcomed and any necessary corrections will be addressed by the WDE with notification to the district. .

The confidential accountability reports will be provided through WDE’s secure District Data Reports portal on the WDE website. You can access these reports, by clicking the District Data Reports link on WDE’s data and reporting webpage. The confidential portal will default to the Assessment Confidential tab, and the confidential accountability reports can be found by clicking on the Accountability Confidential tab to the right. The 2022-23 confidential School Performance Reports are located on the left side of the page.

The public release is scheduled for September 1, with a press event at 11 a.m. on September 6 in the Capitol Connector Auditorium. All results are embargoed and cannot be shared with Wyoming’s local media outlets until they are released publicly on September 1.

Individuals with the following roles on the WyEd platform can access the reports: Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Accountability Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Special Education Director, and Assessment Confidential Reports. Those who do not have rights to see the report or have forgotten their WyEd login credentials can contact their district WyEd administrator. District WyEd administrators can be found by clicking on the Find WyEd Administrator link. For password recovery, click on “Forgot Password” found underneath the Support tab at the top of the Find WyEd Administrator page.

For questions about accountability, contact Jennifer Lahiff, Accountability Supervisor at 307-777-8752 or jennifer.lahiff@wyo.gov.

For questions about WyEd user rights, contact Susan Williams, Information Management Division Director, at 307-777-6252 or susan.williams@wyo.gov.