07-17-2023 WyCTE And ASVAB Data Review Window July 18 – September 15

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) will confidentially release student-level data reported in the WyCTE application to allow districts the opportunity to correct data before its use in the Perkins Grant Consolidated Annual Report (CAR), State CTE funding allocations, and the 2024 accountability calculations. Although data won’t be used for accountability until next year, this will be the only opportunity to make corrections in the WyCTE application. The review window will begin on July 18, 2023, and remain open until September 15, 2023. All data will be considered final after the review window closes.

The report, WyCTE Primary Program of Study and ASVAB Review, can be found on the WDE’s secure District Data Reports portal on the Accountability Confidential and CTE pages. It includes all students reported in the WyCTE application during the 2022-23 school year.

Data has been color-coded for your convenience. Students highlighted with green are concentrators who have passed an industry credential exam. Orange denotes concentrators who have yet to take an exam or haven’t passed an exam, and yellow identifies participants who have passed an assessment but haven’t taken the required two courses in their program of study. Students who are not highlighted have not passed an industry credential exam.

To access the confidential student-level report, visit the WDE Data Page. Under the Data Reports header on the left side of the page, click on the District Data Reports link, and log in with your WyEd credentials. Your username is your work email. If you do not have the rights to access the report, contact your district WyEd Administrator for assistance. To find your district WyEd administrator, click on Find WyEd Admin link in WyEdPRO under the support header. If you want to reset your password, click on the Forgot Password underneath the Find WyEd Admin link.

For questions regarding WyCTE data corrections, contact Ilaine Brown, Career & Technical Education Consultant, at 307-777-3549 or ilaine.brown1@wyo.gov. For questions about the data reported in your student-level file, contact Colton Zier, Principal Statistician, at 307-777-8757 or colton.zier1@wyo.gov