05-22-2023 K-3 Reading Screening Tool Review and Approval

In accordance with WS 21-3-401(a) and proposed subsequent rules, the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has formed an outside committee to review screening tools for alignment with defined criteria. Review of the initial list of screening tools will be completed by June 15 and will be made available at that time for districts to view. Screening tools that have been tentatively approved include, DIBELS 8, Acadience Learning, Amplify mClass, and FastBridge. These tools, as well as, AimsWeb Plus, MAP Reading Fluency, STAR Early Literacy, CUBED, PAST, Heggerty, Early Bird Dyslexia Screener, and iReady will be reviewed following the rubric and protocol established by the screening review committee. Approved screening tools will be added to the list and posted on the WDE Website.

For more information, contact Kim Lane, Literacy Supervisor, at 307-777-7673 or kim.lane@wyo.gov.