10-23-2023 Revised Final 2023-24 ESSA Consolidated Grant Allocations

The Wyoming Department of Education has completed the revised final allocations for SY 2023–24 for Title I-A, Title I-D Subpart 2, Title III-EL, Title III-Immigrant, and Title IV-A based on figures provided by the U.S. Department of Education (USED). As the WDE receives further information from USED, allocations will be updated and shared with the appropriate stakeholders.  

Districts can create and submit an amendment in the 2023–24 grants to adjust impacted budgets in the appropriate sections. 

For more information, contact Les Koch, Education Consultant for Title IA and School Improvement Grant Manager, at 307-777-6216 or les.koch1@wyo.gov; Jessica Fancher, Education Consultant for Title I-D, Subpart 2 and Title III, at 307-777-8964 or jessica.fancher@wyo.gov, or Mary Bravo, Education Consultant for Title II-A & IV-A, at 307-777-8739 or mary.bravo@wyo.gov.