10-23-2023 MODEL Interim English Language Proficiency Assessment Available

WIDA MODEL is an interim English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) for students in kindergarten through grade 12. For kindergarten, it is a paper-based test only. For grades 1–12, it is available in either an online or paper version. Students who take WIDA MODEL will complete four domain tests (Speaking, Listening, Reading,and Writing). The MODEL Interim Assessment test items are aligned to WIDA’s five ELD Standards Statements and are locally administered and scored. This optional MODEL Interim is an on-demand language proficiency assessment and can be administered at any time during the school year, from October 1, 2023 through June 15, 2024. 

The test scores can be used to guide instruction, gather immediate English language proficiency level scores, monitor student language growth, predict student performance on summative assessments, support formative assessment decision-making, and help educators make informed decisions about curriculum and programming. This data allows educators to pivot when needed to ensure students are receiving proper instructional support and to differentiate instruction to better serve each student’s needs.

MODEL Test Administrators are required to complete assessment training and review manuals before administering the test. All training materials are located in the Test Administrator Interface (TAI), in the training section of the site. In order to participate in WIDA MODEL Online, students must be added to the TAI, be assigned test forms, and be added to test sessions. Log into WIDA MODEL to access training and guides, administer tests, and review scores.

Contact MetriTech Customer Service with any technical questions at modelsupport@metritech.com.

For flyers, bulletins, interpretive guides, videos, and additional resources and training, refer to the WIDA MODEL website. 

For more information, contact Antoinette Hallam, EL Consultant, at 307-777-5217 or anoinette.hallam@wyo.gov, or Elizabeth Price, ACCESS for ELLs Assessment Consultant, at 307-777-5296 or elizabeth.price@wyo.gov.