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Dear Superintendents,


2017 NAEP scores for reading and math will be released on April 10. Four states were invited to participate in the live release, including Wyoming. Wyoming outperformed most states in reading and math in most grades in 2015. While the NAEP is one measure, it’s important because it’s stable from year to year and offers a true state comparison. At the state level, NAEP is an excellent thermometer to help us gauge the health of our education system. Here are links to 2015 scores and the event page:


Included in this week’s memos is a summary of legislation passed that WDE will be implementing. Where possible, we’ve included timelines, analyses, and additional information. Notably, we will visit districts to develop baseline information for the Computer Science Standards Development Committee.  If there are specific activities and/or people we should include during our visit, please let us know. We are geared up to kick off the computer science initiative next week.

ABOVE: I visited Area 59, a makerspace, in Gillette this week. Ian Scott (right) is the director of the facility and works with business, industry, K-12, and Gillette College to ensure that maker experiences are valuable. Ian, Area 59, and the makerspace will be featured during this summer’s Roadmap to STEM conference. Also pictured is Paul Hladky (left) who supports the makerspace.

ABOVE: Wyoming Ag in the Classroom (WAIC) has worked with teachers and partners for over two years to develop high quality curricular materials aligned to Wyoming’s new science standards. Specifically, WAIC focused on science in Wyoming including agriculture and natural resources. The above group of business, industry, and policy partners has worked to ensure information in the curricula is accurate and relevant for Wyoming’s students. The first materials will be available for teachers this year. Historically, Wyoming Ag in the Classroom has provided activities, not curriculum and their work will be immensely valuable as new standards are implemented.

Memos to be released on Monday, April 2: