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Dear Superintendents,

It was wonderful to see many of you at S5S and at the Jonah Capitol this week. Like last week, bills are moving swiftly through the Wyoming House and Senate and an update would be outdated within minutes. There is one week left for the 2018 Wyoming Legislature to concur on a state budget, education funding, and dozens of bills—education and otherwise.


In the wake of the school tragedy in Florida, schools across the nation (including Wyoming) are thinking carefully about school safety and security. Last session, HB194 passed and made it possible for Wyoming school boards to consider arming qualified and willing personnel as a student safety and security measure. In response to the legislation, I convened a statewide ad hoc committee to develop non-regulatory guidance for communities. Here is a link to the guidance.

Related, I understand there may be student observances, in some cases, walkouts, planned this spring. I have observed schools across the nation and in Wyoming utilizing the events as learning opportunities. While my staff does not intend to issue guidance for these events here is a practical resource you may find helpful. Note: The resource was developed independent of WDE and may not be applicable in local school districts.


There is a memo this week regarding new accreditation guidance. This is initial guidance as a result of the accreditation task force that will continue to provide input through implementation.

Wyoming Teacher of the Year, Sara Reed, stands at a podium to address representatives in the Wyoming House.
2018 Wyoming Teacher of the Year, Sara Reed, addresses the Wyoming House of Representatives
State Treasurer Mark Gordon speaks during a panel on Financial Literacy moderated by Bob Beck of Wyoming Public Radio.
S5S panel on financial literacy
Superintendent Balow moderates a conversation with Speaker Harshman and Senator Coe during the Superintendent's Policy Summit.
Speaker Harshman and Senator Coe answer questions at S5S plenary

Memos to be released on Monday, March 5: