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Dear Superintendents,

Leadership is about influence. Though potentially unlimited in its reach, wise leadership reproduces itself primarily in other budding school leaders, building a cadre of future educational leaders. Think of the emerging dominoes effect there over time. I therefore root for your long-term success in building future leaders for your own district. If done well, this may end up being your greatest legacy.

Vision & Focus

As previously underscored in this section, our vision and focus to lead the nation in education is rooted in the purpose of education as well as its priority. The purpose of education is “to learn to think.” The priority of education is represented by its three key parties: parents, teachers and students, and that crucial relationship surrounding each.

The educational enterprise is a triangular relationship among all three, and only works well when all three work well together – parents, teachers and students. Because less really is more in education, Wyoming should be able to serve parents, take care of teachers, and educate students better than anyone else. Moreover, as these three priorities inform our work, everything else will eventually fall into place.

The Primary Priority   

The WDE and PTSB have announced the school districts chosen for the Wyoming Teacher Apprenticeship Pilot via a media release on July 8. Congratulations to Superintendent Margaret Crespo with Laramie County School District #1, Superintendent Gillian Chapman with Teton County School District #1, and Superintendent Bruce Theron with Fremont County School District #24!

Much thanks to all of the districts who also applied. We certainly wish we could start right out of the gate with all of you, but a steady incremental approach will no doubt bode well for a quality product in the long run.

The three districts chosen will begin collaboration with the WDE and PTSB this summer to prepare for the launch of their own programs. This work will then inform the structure for the eventual statewide rollout, while allowing the opportunity to identify best practices and unique nuances at the district level.

We couldn’t be more excited to work with these districts and see this initiative finally begin to come to life.  We are also full of anticipation here at the WDE for what this could mean for the rest of our districts statewide.

In the Spotlight

You could be a part of moving Wyoming forward in the new and emerging technology of Immersive Learning, Virtual Reality, and the Metaverse. Learn more about the global competition we are recruiting teams for by watching this short introductory video from Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (WAIC).

WAIC’s mission is to develop students’ understanding of Wyoming’s vast resources so that they become informed citizens, capable of serving as stewards for Wyoming’s future. The organization focuses on three economic drivers; Agriculture, Minerals & Energy, and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism. Check them out here. The team at WAIC puts Wyoming’s next generation in touch with our roots, literally, and for that you are ‘in the spotlight’ this week.

Thanks for all you do!

Mark Your Calendars

Join the Next Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Cohort: Verizon Innovative Learning Schools is now accepting applications for their 10th cohort. Selected schools receive wrap-around support through technology and connectivity for every student and teacher, professional learning, IT support, and access to a national community of more than 500 schools. Learn more about the program and the application process here.

Cancellation Alert

The in-person Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities (WAPSD) meeting scheduled for July 14 in Saratoga has been changed to a virtual meeting. The meeting will now begin at 9 a.m. and can be accessed via this Zoom link. All rooms at the Saratoga Inn have been canceled, and any deposits will be refunded to the card on file.

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