Understanding the New Tech-Biz Wave

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Dear Superintendents,

Over the past several years there has been a great deal of attention focused on blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. Legislation, task force recommendations, and business advancements have brought these tech-biz innovations to our communities in the Cowboy State. Simply, these high-tech business structures are just around the corner for everyone and Wyoming is banking on early implementation in the near future.

As education leaders, we don’t necessarily need to understand the particulars of high-tech biz…yet. But we do need to know that the children we are teaching today will live in a world where high-tech business is the norm. A strong K-12 foundation in Computer Science, STEM, technical skills, and executive skills, like communication, help to ensure that our students are prepared for tomorrow, not yesterday.

Here are a couple of resources I found helpful in explaining the new tech-biz structure:

Caitlyn Long is from Wyoming. She is bitcoin & blockchain enthusiast, 22-year Wall Street veteran, Wyoming Blockchain Coalition co-founder, former chairman/president of Symbiont. She wrote this article, “Game Changer” in 2016.


This youtube video was posted by the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) . It features Wyoming attorney, Matt Kaufman. He ties new statutes and pending legislation to Wyoming’s developing high-tech business environment.


sci fair

Barb Marquer of WDE inquires at the Wyoming Science FairTaiwan

Chester Chu, Asia Pacific Trade Director from Taiwan, visited the Wyoming Department of Education to talk about Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programsGuernsey

CTE Students from Guernsey and their teacher, Mr. Reichert, visit the Captiol

Memos to be released on Monday, Feb. 4:

  • 2019-012: Verification of WDE949 Credits Earned for Accountability
  • 2019-013: Special Education Staffing Guidelines
  • 2019-014: Social Studies Standards Workshop
  • 2019-015: Science Professional Development Opportunity