2019 Inauguration

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Dear Superintendents,

My week as Wyoming’s elected State Superintendent began early Monday morning with a memorable swearing-in ceremony in the rotunda of our Capitol. The entire week has been high energy–we celebrated new beginnings and got to work. One highlight was hearing from teachers across the state who streamed the public swearing-in event or Governor Gordon’s first State-of-the-State address. The teachers shared how they used the opportunity to teach students about the role of the State Superintendent and the three branches of government. The streamed events are  available at  https://governor.wyo.gov/.

During his State-of-the-State address, Governor Gordon recognized Principal Terry Quinn from Gillette for his leadership in thwarting a potential school shooting. He also spoke about education funding, student safety, the power of good teachers, and more.

As the Wyoming Legislature becomes steeped in its business, it’s important to remember the voice that we have as citizens and professionals. If you or any student groups from your community are visiting Cheyenne, please take an opportunity to talk to your legislator and, if you desire, be recognized by the chambers. My staff and I would love to greet you when you visit Cheyenne–I especially love to visit a bit with students. If we can assist with coordination, please contact Rita or Penny at (307)777-7675. Information about the legislature can also be found at https://wyoleg.gov/.

We saw the power of citizen voices already this session with the Hathaway expansion bill, Senate File 43 (SF43). The bill adds the option of taking sequenced career and technical education  courses as part of the success curriculum. The aim is to expand scholarship eligibility for students who participate in rigorous career pathways in high school. Teacher and education leaders spoke in favor of the bill during public testimony. Spokespeople from across Wyoming business and industry (trucking, agriculture, technology, mining, and more) also spoke in favor of the legislation. It was a remarkable demonstration of citizen engagement! I sincerely hope you and students in your districts will take many opportunities to observe and participate in the process.

State Superintendent Jillian Balow with Principal Quinn at the Jonah Building before the State-of-the-State.
Principal Terry Quinn was recognized by Governor Gordon for his leadership in school safety
A group of teachers sit around a table observing an experiment with a marshmallow on pencils taped together.
Teacher Training “Engaging ELs in Science” in Green River
State Superintendent Jillian Balow holds up her right hand with her left hand on a bible held by her husband to take the Oath of Office from the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court during the Swearing-In Ceremony at the Cheyenne Civic Center.
The swearing-in of statewide elected officials took place January 7

Memos to be released on Monday, January 14, 2019: